Improve your logical skills while helping a mad scientist to rescue his cat lost on a strange island.
No time to waste! And beat more than 180 puzzles to accomplish your mission

TempleQuest has two games mode:

1. Aventure
In the adventure mode you will follow the journey of Bambou, a cat lost on a strange island during a experience of his master.
To return home, Bambou will have to repair an hundred of mosaics for a mysterious Totem.

Will you help Bambou or will you let him lost away of his beloved master?

2. Quick game
In the quick game mode you will have a great choice between many puzzles!
Some are small others are big, really big!
Puzzles are add frequently made by Legendary Dust or by people like you

Unleashe your logic, so many puzzles will await you!

How to play

The goal of TempleQuest is to build "pictures" with numbers. To do that you have to connect two identical numbers together. Nothing difficult here :)

But you need to respect some rules to correctly connect numbers ...

Indeed, the length of the path between two number have to be equal to their value. Exception, number 1 does not connect with another 1

For example: the path used to connect two 4 must contain only 4 cases. To connect two 6 it contain exactly 6 cases, and so on. Simple, no?

  • When you are making a path a little number over your mouse will tell you how many case you are using.
  • Try to start with the smaller number first, it will be easier to find the solution (particulary in the huge puzzles).

Be careful:
  • The path can only be horizontal, vertical or like a windig road.
  • The path can't cross over another path or number.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / ME / 98
CPU: 1 GHz or more
RAM: 256 Mo
Disk Space: Minimum 150 Mo
Graphic: Carte video DirectX 8-compatible
Sound: Directx 8.0 compatible
DirectX: Directx 8.0
Language: English and French
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